The Spartan Race of Julien Conti, our Ambassador
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The Spartan Race of Julien Conti, our Ambassador

2017, 26 June FRANCK DUBARRY



Legends have names. At Franck Dubarry, their names are Julien Conti and Claudio Alessi. These two men were born to dare. Julien Conti is an unstoppable high-level athlete, who was born visually impaired. And what about Claudio Alessi? He's a committed visionary and a passionate coach who helps disabled athletes to further better themselves every day. Together they form a unique and powerful duo that embodies the spirit of the Franck Dubarry brand perfectly.

This fearless, free and audacious duo overcome the biggest sporting events side by side. That's all.

What's their latest challenge? The New York Spartan Race, the most incredible race in recent years.

It was under the banner of No Difference, the charity set up by Claudio Alessi to help people with disabilities who are suffering from blindness, amputation, Down's syndrome or epilepsy to become accomplished athletes, and with the support of Franck Dubarry, that our two gladiators threw themselves into the arena of the Spartan Race wearing their timers.



Have you heard of the Spartan Race? It's a high-intensity course, strewn with hazards and obstacles. In short, it's an extraordinary race, recognized as such in its field, by a man who is just as extraordinary, Julien Conti.

You'd think that there'd be no chance that Julien Conti, who was born visually impaired, would be able to finish this 6 km race carrying 30 kgs on his back But you'd be forgetting Claudio Alessi's determination and that of his intrepid athlete.

On May 13, 2017, in the difficult weather conditions of the enormous Citi Field Stadium, which is home to the legendary baseball team the New York Mets, our pair of champions embarked on the extreme challenge known as the "Sprint". Twenty obstacles later, from the basement up to the bleachers, followed by endless laps of the building to finish outside the arena, this true "foreign" gladiator and his coach took 1 hour 27 minutes to finish the race in the torrential rain.

"Remarkable" was the word Claudio Alessi used to describe his partner, also stressing that their collaboration had only been strengthened.

For his part, Julien Conti seemed to be particularly proud of his performance: "I had some difficulty adapting, not only because of the steps that we had to run up, but also because of the rain that had made them slippery. But I was in top form and felt motivated as never before. We handled this event really well".

What's their next challenge? The meeting at Morzine, a French ski resort in Haute-Savoie, on July 1st and 2nd, 2017! There are several events on the program including a 6 km Sprint, a 13 km Super race, a 23 km Beast race and a 42 km Ultra Beast race!

It will be great test, but we're convinced that our heroes will manage it without any problems.