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Crazy Wheel
Ski Giant'D Maori Bronze

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FD x Deneriaz Ski Gold

Crazy Wheel Ski Giant'D Maori Bronze

Sharing the same vision on performance and elegance, it is no surprise that Deneriaz Ski and Franck Dubarry are launching a co-branded line of Ski equipment. 


Years go by but the feelings remain... Isn’t it the ultimate pleasure to carve beautiful GS turns on a freshly groomed slope, rst thing in the morning? The Giant’D skis are made for the passionate and driven skiers! These true racing machines, « All Black » style, are precise, solid and stable. 
The Natural materials we chose add lightness (balsa) and precision (ash) to the ski, with different carbon fibers providing great reactivity. 

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Price :$5,000

FD x Deneriaz Ski Gold
FD x Deneriaz Ski Gold

Discover Franck Dubarry's unique luxury sports watches, with extreme attention to detail. Watches for hyperactive individuals, athletes or sports fans.

Technical terms


Warranty2 years

what makes it incredible?

The idea came almost naturally to launch an exclusive ski collection, imprinted with the tattoo patterns, iconic distinctive elements from various creations of the watchmaker.

When Franck Dubarry met Antoine Deneriaz, the 2006 Ski Olympic Gold Medalist and founder of a luxury ski brand, the two men soon discovered they were sharing the same vision on what a luxury brand should be about: Avant-garde design, innovation and extreme performance. 

  • Core : balsa wood
  • Lateral beam : ash wood
  • Topsheet : bi-axial carbon and UD carbon 
  • Structure : Tri axial FG, tri axial basalt, kevlar
  • Ski base : UHMW race

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