How to Wear an Elegant Men’s Watch

How to Wear an Elegant Men’s Watch

There’s an important event approaching and the invitations have been handed out. The invite specifies that the dress code should be “elegant”, but what does that mean exactly?

Elegant = Tastefully fine or luxurious in dress, style, design, etc.”

In other words, to dress elegantly a gentleman should wear formal attire that demonstrates his fashionable and graceful style. This is usually in the form of a suit.

At any event, it’s important for a man to make his mark. However, whilst there are some differences in the type of suit a man can wear, it is sometimes difficult to stand out amongst the crowd. Therefore, it often falls to the timepiece to make a real impact on one’s image. That’s where elegant men’s watches fit in.

When Should I Wear an Elegant Men’s Watch?

Luxury watches are made to be displayed - not in a box, but on a gentleman’s wrist. Whatever the occasion and whatever the outfit, an elegant watch can provide you with that essential finishing touch.

Good quality, Swiss-made timepieces are both practical and stylish so that you can wear them whenever you leave the house. Sports, dive and GMT watches all have varying abilities and are beneficial for different situations, but their versatility and style make them appropriate for everyday attire.

On Which Wrist Should I Wear My Watch?

Whilst a gentleman can wear an elegant watch on any wrist he pleases, it is often advised that he wear it on the less dominant side.

Why? Some men prefer to wear it on the wrist they use the least because they believe that it will stand less chance of becoming damaged. However, a good quality luxury watch will be scratch-resistant. For example, the Franck Dubarry collection use top-grade materials, such as titanium grade 5 and forged carbon, which provide strong protection from impact.

With that being said, there are benefits to wearing a timepiece on the less dominant wrist, because one can more easily adjust the strap, bezel, etc.

Can I Wear Bracelets On the Same Wrist as My Watch?

For reasons that are mostly aesthetic and to prevent discomfort, it is advisable to wear bracelets on the opposite wrist to an elegant men’s watch. However, if the bracelets are stackable, complement the timepiece, and stay in their correct position (without sliding around and overlapping the watch) then this can be an exception to the rule.

How Tight Should I Wear My Watch?

Luxury watches should fit your wrist like a glove - not too tight and not too loose. When a gentleman removes his timepiece, there should be no deep imprint left behind on his skin. However, the watch should not be able to move around freely. Usually worn just above the wrist bone, it should be firmly in place with a smooth fit.

Can I Wear My Elegant Men’s Watch Over a Shirt Cuff?

When wearing a long-sleeved shirt, there should be just a suggestion of an elegant men’s watch. Rather than sitting on top of the shirt cuff, it should be peeking out so that it is only partially visible and is revealed further when a gentleman bends his arm.

How to Wear an Elegant Men’s Watch

Ultimately, a gentleman should wear his watch however he pleases. When worn with confidence and assurance, a timepiece is timeless.

Which Watch Should I Wear?

Franck Dubarry has three collections for the discerning gentlemen:


These adventurous luxury dive watches are both elegant and practical. Built to withstand high-pressure environments, from that influential business meeting to the crushing depths of the sea, these elegant timepieces can be sported by heroes anywhere.

Crazy Wheel

The Crazy Wheel collection is suitable for those who admire and exuberate opulence and individuality. For those ambitious men who desire and achieve the best in life. With the latest technology and elegant design, these luxury watches will attract attention.

Fileteado GMT

The GMT collection was influenced by early 20th Century fileteado porteño art in Buenos Aires and is therefore designed with travel in mind. Tattoo imagery and leather are used in unison to create a series of tasteful and luxurious watches that demonstrate no limits to the daring gentleman.