A Buyer’s Guide: The Best Luxury Sports Watches

A Buyer’s Guide: The Best Luxury Sports Watches

What is a Luxury Sports Watch?

Type “luxury sports watch” into Google and you will find a series of articles with vague descriptions of what defines it. The truth is that there is no official definition, although it seems to be a concept that was created in the 1970s. The general idea is that luxury sports watches enable you to tell the time with more accuracy so that you are able to regulate your sporting activity.

It is commonly accepted that luxury sports watches should also be built to withstand some of the challenges that a sporting man might face. Features such as a shock-resistant case, a robust integrated strap, and strong water resistance should be paired with opulence, whilst retaining an athletic and tough sense of character.

What Are the Features of a Luxury Sports Watch?

Due to the open-ended definition of a luxury sports watch, they possess all sorts of different features. In order to demonstrate a classic example, we have detailed some of the characteristics of the Crazy Wheel Collection at Franck Dubarry below.

Our luxury sports watches use an automatic movement, which functions entirely without the use of a battery. The natural movement of a gentleman’s wrist helps to power the watch by moving a weighted rotor, which in turn tightens the mainspring, causing tension that is slowly released through the movement of the watch’s gears. The constant movement allows the second hand to beautifully sweep through the numbers, rather than ticking through them.

Strong Materials

Every sport comes with its own set of risks and challenges. Regardless of your chosen activity, there is always a chance that you could damage your luxury sports watch. That’s why the best brands will use top of the range materials to safeguard against potential scratches and dents.

The Franck Dubarry Crazy Wheel Collection comes with titanium grade 5 cases, which is a material used for missiles and aircraft parts. Our luxury sports watches also use kevlar (strong and heat-resistant fibre) and forged carbon (light and durable material). Only the finest materials for the leading sportsmen.

Water Resistance

Whether you’re a swimmer, enjoy snorkelling, or like to end your week with a spot of sailing, you’re going to need a watch that is protected against more than just a splash of water. At Franck Dubarry, our Crazy Wheel Collection offers 10ATM water resistance, meaning that you can wear them at depths of up to 100 metres. Perfect for your next adventure!

For diving activities of up to 300 metres, check out our article on Franck Dubarry Luxury Dive Watches. .

Outstanding Design

Unlike traditional timekeeping designs, the Franck Dubarry Collection breaks away from custom to bring the mechanics of the watch to the forefront. As a sportsman would perform in the field, our watchmakers excel in their craft - we use complex and skilled engineering to reveal the inner soul of our luxury watches, which have more than 60 moving components.

The hands and markers of our Crazy Wheel watches are painted using LumiNova, an innovative material that glows in the dark and enables any sportsmen to clearly time his activities.

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When Should a Gentleman Wear a Luxury Sports Watch?

The beauty of a luxury sports watch is that it can be worn on any occasion. They are built to withstand a variety of challenges and activities, but without detracting from their appearance. The Crazy Wheel Collection at Franck Dubarry is made with extreme attention to detail - ornate details that grab your attention almost immediately. When you wear a luxury sports watch, you will stand out and be admired.