Why buy a luxury watch

Why You Should Buy a Luxury Watch & How to Choose the Best Option for You

5 Reasons to Invest in a Luxury Watch

Aside from the pleasing aesthetics and the subtle display of opulence, buying a luxury watch has many benefits for the modern gentleman.

1. Luxury Watches Demonstrate Fine Craftsmanship

The run-of-the-mill watches that are available to buy in most high street shops are often mass-produced by cheap and unskilled labor, with little effort to quality control each product. Therefore, these watches often don’t even tell the time correctly, let alone demonstrate any real craftsmanship.

On the other end of the spectrum, luxury watches are made by skilled artisanal horologists with years of experience and rigorous quality inspection protocols. Moreover, luxury watches are often Swiss-made, meaning that they have years of history and a reputation to uphold. When purchasing a luxury watch, precision and distinction are guaranteed.

2. Luxury Watches Use Top Quality Materials

Luxury watches are more expensive because of the time and extensive effort it takes to make them, but also because of the parts that are used in their manufacture. Only the finest materials are used to create these timeless works of art. Not only does this make them pleasing to the eye, but it also leads to the next point.

3. Luxury Watches Are Built to Last

The high standard of materials that are used to build a luxury watch ensures its longevity. A gentleman owning one of these opulent timepieces will be able to pass it down to future generations, secure in the knowledge that it will remain dependable for many years to come. Furthermore, the beautiful mechanics of the best-designed luxury watches will remain fashionable forever.

4. Luxury Watches Have a Rich History

It’s not just the time that’s displayed when a gentleman wears a luxury watch around his wrist; the rich history of watchmaking is portrayed in all its glory. From GMT to Diver, Swiss-made, and military, many luxury timepieces tell their own stories, but they all stem from the rise in wristwatch popularity during the First World War.

After men began to wear their pocket watches around their wrists in order to quickly tell the time in the trenches, numerous companies endeavored to improve their endurance, efficiency and overall design. Since then, luxury timepieces have continuously been refined and improved to withstand even the most adventurous of gentlemen’s lifestyles.

There is nothing quite like wearing hundreds of years of state of the art technology and distinguished innovation around your wrist. Plus, it makes a fascinating topic of conversation.

5. Luxury Watches Use New & Innovative Technology

The hundreds of years of history behind the development of men’s luxury watches have ensured that the technology is always being improved upon. The mechanical heart of a designer timepiece functions accurately and with incredible precision. In addition, modern luxury watches have been built to withstand myriad challenges and conditions, constantly pushing the boundaries further.

As mankind continues to explore and face new challenges, so the designer timepieces are enhanced to meet them. Rest assured that a luxury watch will use the latest in new and innovative technology.

How to Choose a Luxury Watch

Decide on Your Budget

How much a gentleman should spend on a watch depends on their budget and what they would like it to achieve. Deciding upon which features are desirable and doing subsequent online research to see what is available within the given price range should help a potential patron to decide how much to spend on a luxury watch.

Following that, talking to an experienced horologist customer advisor can help you to decide which designer timepiece is right for you.

Choose a Watch to Match Your Lifestyle

When choosing a designer watch, the biggest mistake a gentleman could make would be to choose a timepiece that didn’t match his lifestyle.

For instance, if diving was a favorite pastime, then a GMT watch wouldn’t be the best choice. Divers require a timepiece that demonstrates certain life-saving abilities, such as stronger water resistance and luminescent index markers. Whereas, GMT watches might be better suited for those that travel frequently or communicate across timezones.

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