Franck dubarry


Swiss Made, Franck Dubarry Luxury Watches shake up the codes of traditional watchmaking with Avant-Garde designs, cutting edge technologies & in-house mechanical complications.

Collection Crazy Wheel Gemma

Franck Dubarry pays homage to modern women, bringing together cutting-edge techniques with refined materials, gemstones and happy colors. The in-house Gravitational Flying-hour is topped by Emeralds or Sapphires Baguettes, highlighting the finely decorated and lacquered dials.

Collection Diver

Is an elegant and functional accessory perfect for underwater diving and experiences in the wild oceans of this world. Pratical and stylish, this luxury Swiss-made watch can withstand underwater depths of a few hundred meters and has been supported by heroes of the deep-diving world.

Collection Crazy Wheel

The crazy wheel is ideal for people who appreciate opulence and character. Those who are looking for something cutting edge and timeless. Iconoclasts, free thinkers and avant-garde timepiece lovers are welcome to enjoy this hyperactive timepiece.

Collection Fileteado GMT

The Fileteado GMT is cutting-edge and at the forefront of sophicated design watches. A unique Swiss GMT watch showing no limits, it is infused with the tough imagery of leather and tatoos. For those who can appreciate the artistic influence of fileteado porteƱo.