Franck dubarry Inspired by Freedom

Franck Dubarry's timepieces are born from the standards of French style. The adventurous, surprizing and unique details of our luxury timepieces are conceived from the French ideals of freedom and crafted with the know-how of Swiss watchmaking.



What will your legacy be?

A human being has the capacity to teach and to share the lessons and values which his own personal history has revealed. They have a duty of honour both to themselves and to others.
If they achieve this then they can truly call themselves honourable. The honor of the Dubarry family history is carried through in its fine colection of Swiss-made men's and women's timepieces.

Honor bespeaks worth

Adventure, freedom and style cannot be achieved without skill. The pride of Franck Dubarry’s brand is it’s Swiss craftsmanship. No country in the world has a better reputation for know-how and accuracy.
Our titanium, gold and diamond timepieces reflect the precision and care that goes into making each one of our watches.


What will you do with your freedom?

Imagine yourself completely free from life's limitations. Free to explore, to breathe, to express yourself.
Our quality watches are a reflection of all these ideals and more. Free from limitations. What would you do with all the time in the world?

Break free, live free

Enjoy the freedom that a Franck Dubarry luxury timepiece can give you. The freedom to have a watch that moves at the rhythm of life, your life, wherever it takes you.
The Swiss craftsmanship and elegant French design of our watches tell the world that you do not live by limitations, you forge your own path instead of following others. Represent freedom, live freedom, wear it on your wrist.


How will you make your mark?

Conquering your fears, forging new paths, making a statement: every day of your life is an opportunity to leave a lasting impression on the world.
Don't leave anything up to chance, be bold and strong in the face of adversity and challenge. Leave your mark on the world, let them know you were here.

Adventure is calling

Fate favors the bold. Seize your fate with a life full of adventure, freedom and elegance. Franck Dubarry's designer watches put time on your side so that you can experience life one moment at a time.
The adventure begins with a Swiss-made Franck Dubarry watch. You will write the story.

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What’s new in Franck Dubarry’s world ?

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Franck Dubarry's second year at BaselWorld

Franck Dubarry's second year at BaselWorld

BASELWORLD – Franck Dubarry’s second year at the show

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The Spartan Race of Julien Conti, our Ambassador

The Spartan Race of Julien Conti, our Ambassador

The Spartan Race of Julien Conti, an Ambassador for Franck Dubarry

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Discover Franck Dubarry watches at BaselWorld

Discover Franck Dubarry watches at BaselWorld

For the third year running, the Franck Dubarry brand will be in Basel to present its collections.

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Franck Dubarry Collections

Each collection from Franck Dubarry is a representation of style, luxury and adventure. Choose your own path with our Swiss-made watches that ignite and inspire you to be free.