Franck dubarry's ambassadors Julien conti
& claudio alessi

An athlete of exception and courage, Julien Conti blind from birth is making his mark in the world of extreme racing, along with his aide and trainer Claudio Alessi Martial Arts Master 9th Degree Black Belt in the most extreme form of Karate called «Kyokushinkay». Together they have tackled the world of the Spartan Games, representing Franck Dubarry along the way. In association with NØ Difference, these athletes have demonstrated determination, strength and skill. We are proud to name them as Franck Dubarry Brand Ambassadors.

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Associated for the best, no matter who you are In association with nØ difference

NØ Difference, with Co-founder Claudio Alessi, work with exceptional athletes to reach new heights of acheivement. Program participants are blind, amputees, paraplegic or have Downs Syndrome.

No difference

NØ Difference, No Limits

With the help of sponsorship such as Franck Dubarry, Julien and Claudio have been able to compete in Spartan Games races and make great strides for «handi-capable» athletes.
The association also helps athletes of all ages and abilites to reach their goals, face their fears and change the way that differently-abled competitors are seen the in the sports world in several different fields:

  • Spartan Racing
  • Martial Arts
  • Performing Arts

Two Athletes, One Goal

Julien and Claudio show no signs of stopping. They both embody the spirit of adventure and skill of the Franck Dubarry brand, which is why we are committed to supporting their continuing success. Julien has shown his dedication and determination in several top skill events:

  • SPRINT- 7km obstacle race
  • SUPER- 13km obstacle race
  • BEAST- 20km obstacle race