The Fileteado GMT is cutting-edge and at the forefront of sophisticated design watches. A unique Swiss GMT watch showing no limits, it is infused with the tough imagery of leather and tattoos. For those who can appreciate the artistic influence of fileteado porteño.

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4 exceptional timepieces An art raised with no limit Affluent world traveler, Franck Dubarry spent years in Argentina where he was inspired to design this luxury GMT watch collection , as a tribute to Buenos Aires' artistic street influence from the early part of the 20th Century. You’ll come across ornate motifs and decorations on the case inspired by a popular Argentinian decorative practice.

More than just a simple ornament

Fileteado are handcrafted in Switzerland, the home of the world’s finest luxury watchmakers. The elegant and dignified design of the dials are carefully hand-painted and encased in 18 karat gold. This Luxury Swiss style is matched only by avant-garde craftsmanship.

The most emblematic form of art from Buenos Aires

 More than just  a simple ornament