This audacious men’s luxury dive watch is an elegant and functional accessory perfect for underwater diving and experiences in the wild oceans of this world. Practical and stylish, this luxury Swiss-made watch can withstand underwater depths of a few hundred metres and has been sported by heroes of the deep-diving world.

BREAKING THE RULES AVANT-GARDE DIVE WATCH The Franck Dubarry dive watch collection presents a  luxury range of s hock proof & water-resistant timepieces that fit snug to your wrist. The design and production of these cutting-edge watches take place in the far-reaching regions of snowy Switzerland. Encapsulating advanced technology, Franck’s luxury dive watches  are way ahead of their time, embracing the future before it has arrived. The wearer will feel like a maverick and the master of their own destiny. The future is here, and you are wearing it.